Caught in Saagar's Draft

Day #2


Pick #32

PIT- CB Joey Porter Jr.

The Pittsburgh Steelers drafted a player who has the ability to lock up the opponent's #1 WR. He has all the physical attributes to succeed at the position. His father, Joey Porter Sr., was also selected by PIT. Porter's length & athleticism are two factors that will be of great value to a mediocre & aging PIT secondary.

Pick #33


ARI Trade Pick to TEN

TEN- Select QB Will Levis

The Tennessee Titans saw that Levis was slipping down the board. They were cognizant that his name was not called on Day 1. The Titans knew he was a player they coveted. So, they brokered a deal with the Cardinals to acquire Levis, which included a pick swap in the 2nd rd. The Cardinals also received #72 pick, as well as a 2024 3rd rd pick. The Titans also receive the 81st pick. Will it work out for Levis in TEN? Time will tell.

Pick #34

DET- TE Sam LaPorta

Drafting LaPorta was a smart move, with the trade of TJ Hockenson. The Lions viewed Hockenson as injury-prone. Because of that, he was shipped out. That gap was filled by LaPorta. LaPorta needs to improve on his blocking. But, he will be a great weapon for QB Jared Goff. He will be a great assistance as an extra blocker upfront. Due to the inevitable injuries to the OL, drafting LaPorta was worth it.

Pick #35


IND Trade Pick to LV

LV- Select TE Michael Mayer

Mayer will be a great security blanket to Jimmy Garoppolo. Michael Mayer has all the traits to flourish in LV with an offense that is built around his strengths. He can also refine his blocking skills & technique to become a well-rounded TE. Defenses will not be able to disarm him. Then, it comes down to Mayer's ability to master LV's scheme. That will not be an issue.

Pick #36

LAR- G Steve Avila

The Rams drafted a player who will bolster the offensive line. This will assist in keeping QB Matthew Stafford upright. He is a great fit for the Rams scheme. Avila is a player who has the ability to do a little bit of everything. He is strong. He is a good blocker. He is light on his feet. But, was drafting Avila this early a reach for the Rams?

Pick #37

SEA- DE Derick Hall

The Seahawks drafted a player in an effort to recreate the modern version of the "Legion of Boom". Hall would just be one piece, with his quick get off at the snap. He will always give 100% of whatever he's got. The Seahawks now have a player who they can build their defensive line around for the future. They now have another D-Lineman to use as a rotational piece during the game.

Pick #38


LV Trade Pick to ATL

ATL- Select G Matt Bergeron

The Atlanta Falcons acquired the pick from the Raiders, & drafted OT Matt Bergeron as another protector for the starting QB. ATL's 1st rd pick, RB Bijan Robinson will be elated to have another big body creating space & opening holes for him. This will make his job a whole lot easier. The opposition will think twice before double teaming a particular offensive lineman.

Pick #39

CAR- WR Jonathan Mingo

The Panthers picked up a guy who will be a stable #2 WR alongside Laviska Shenault. Shenault was brought in to be the #1. Jonathan Mingo has the speed to take the top off the defense, but needs to polish the subtleties of the position. He also needs to find a VETERAN WR who can show him how to prepare for the rigors of the NFL.

Pick #40

NO- DE Isaiah Foskey

The Saints selected a player who is a perfect fit with DC Joe Woods' 4-3 scheme. NO selected Bryan Bresee in the 1st rd. Foskey has similar traits and can be used in a similar manner. NO now have cornerstones to build their defensive line around. They now have two pieces, an interior lineman & edge rusher for the future.

Pick #41


TEN Trade Pick to ARI

ARI- Select LB BJ Ojulari

The Cardinals traded for a player who will add some depth to an extremely youthful group of linebackers. It is to be determined how DC Nick Rallis will use Ojulari in his scheme. Based on that, we can gauge whether ARI went down the CORRECT path. Could they have chosen a similar player later on?

Pick #42

GB- TE Luke Musgrave

QB Aaron Rodgers is no longer a Green Bay Packer. He is now a New York Jet. The Green Bay Packers now have to see if QB Jordan Love is their future. The best way to ensure he succeeds is by surrounding him with weapons. A good start is TE. They took TE Luke Musgrave, who will be a pass catcher down the middle of the field. He will need to work on blocking for the run game.

Pick #43

NYJ- C Joe Tippmann

NYJ just traded for a future HOFer in QB Aaron Rodgers. Drafting a C will help Aaron Rodgers set the foundation for his time there. Aaron Rodgers will now have someone on the offensive line to build rapport with. Tippmann will definitely be up to the challenge of working with a QB like Aaron Rodgers, who is always making calls at the line, & changing plays.

Pick #44


ATL- Trade Pick to IND

IND- Select DB Julius Brents

IND traded DB Stephon Gilmore. IND was cognizant they needed reinforcements. They took Julius Brents to fill that need. There is another unfortunate downside that the Colts may not have taken into consideration when making the decision to trade a veteran like Gilmore. The Colts now do not have any defensive backs with any true experience. The players at the position on the roster are raw. That may cost them in the end.

Pick #45


GB- Trade Pick to DET

DET- Select S Brian Branch

The Green Bay Packers traded the pick to the Detroit Lions, who selected S Brian Branch. Branch is a hard-hitting safety, who has a nose for the ball. The Green Bay Packers made a horrendous blunder by trading the pick, which turned into a talent that they may regret letting slip by.

Pick #46

NE- DE Keion White

This player fits the "Bill Belicheck" mold, & has all the skills necessary to succeed with the right coaching. Because he was a former TE, he needs to improve on his technique. If the Patriots are patient with White, there is a possibility for him to succeed in New England. But as we have seen, the methods of Coach Bill Belicheck are NOT for everybody.

Pick #47

WAS- CB Jartavius Martin

The Commanders have added some needed depth to deal with teams in their own division, which they will be seeing twice a year. Because they are aware of the ammunition that teams in their own division possess, it was wise of them to stock up on the position. Martin is a versatile player, having the ability to play as a part of the front 7 as well as part of the back 4. This will definitely be of use to the Commanders.

Pick #48


GB- Trade Pick to TB

TB- Select OT Cody Mauch

The Buccaneers have a history in unearthing talent from small schools like they did with Ali Marpet in 2015. Now, they may have done it again by drafting Mauch. Mauch could end up being Marpet's long-term replacement. As his playing time increases & Marpet's eventual retirement, Mauch could be a permanent fixture at the T spot.

Pick #49

PIT- Select NT Keanu Benton

The Steelers took care of their MAIN weaknesses in the 1st rd. Now, it's about adding the best player available in their opinion. They went with Keanu Benton. This is another team who lacks experience at a certain position. In this case, the Steelers should consider trading some of the players or future picks to get some experience at NT. If they do that, then they will have someone to guide their newest draft pick.

Pick #50

GB- WR Jayden Reed

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers traded the pick to the Green Bay Packers in order to grab a weapon for their young QB in Jordan Love. Love will now have an outlet at the receiver in the middle of the field. Reed has the skills to be a decent threat to alleviate some pressure from their TEs.

Pick #51

MIA- CB Cam Smith

Cam Smith needs to improve on his hand position & physicality. Luckily, he has an excellent mentor in Miami in CB Jalen Ramsey. Ramsey can help Smith clean up his footwork & rectify his flaws. The Dolphins will have another body to cover all the dangerous receivers of the NFL.

Pick #52

SEA- RB Zach Charbonnet

Charbonnet's play style emulates Beast Mode. If Charbonnet can generate that level of production, then the Seahawks will be set for approximately the next decade. If not, they will have another difficult & trying season. With the proper workload, he will be able to have a long career.

Pick #53


BAL- Trade Pick to CHI

CHI- Select DT Gervon Dexter Sr.

CHI solidified the edge of the defensive line by drafting Jalen Carter. Now, they draft a player to man the middle in Gervon Dexter. They now have their core players on the defensive line. The two players will make it extremely challenging for opposing offensive lines to keep them from getting home.

Pick #54

LAC- OLB Tui Tuipulotu

This is a player who did not have any problems with the intangibles. He did not cheat anyone with effort. His skills as a rusher will be of great use to the Chargers in the AFC West. He will be able to feast on opposing QBs. Once he refines his coverage skills, he will become a COMPLETE player.

Pick #55

KC- WR Rashee Rice

The Chiefs landed Rashee Rice in a trade. Numerous players switched sides. QB Patrick Mahomes gains another weapon to add to the offense. The Chiefs are prolific as is. With another receiver in the offense, the Chiefs have the ability to reach & win the Super Bowl. Rashee Rice has the ability to make life extremely stressful for opposing defenses & defensive coordinators.

Pick #56


JAC- Trade Pick to CHI

CHI- Select CB Tyrique Stevenson

This was a prospect that General Manager Ryan Poles coveted. Because of that, they took the risk of trading some 5th rd picks for the chance to draft this player. He will have to adjust to the rigors of the NFC North. His skills will buffer the DB room of an extremely youthful CHI squad. Due to the youthfulness of the DBs in CHI, we shall find out about who can emerge a dominant corner.

Pick #57

NYG- C John M Schmitz

There is no such thing as an oversupply at the lineman position. So, the New York Giants are stocking up for the inevitable. They are preparing for when a lineman gets injured. When the inevitable happens, Schmitz will be able to step in & take over for the injured lineman. He is a capable player who has the ability to be a solid rotational player.

Pick #58

DAL- TE Luke Schoonmaker

The Dallas Cowboys took Schoonmaker, adding another TE to a very inexperienced & raw talent base. The only way to improve is to play & unfortunately those players have very little experience. Schoonmaker can grow along with the other TEs in DAL. We will see who emerges out of the pack.

Pick #59

BUF- G O'Cyrus Torrence

The Buffalo Bills drafted an inside blocker to protect their QB against the inside rush from opposing DTs that has a chance of being very serious. Once Torrence gets his weight issue under control, he could develop into a quality all-around offensive lineman. Under some coaching, he could have a sustainable career. But, he will need the proper development.

Pick #60

CIN- DB DJ Turner

The Cincinnati Bengals drafted a corner in DJ Turner who has the potential to be a good slot corner. They already have corners on the outside to cover the opponent's #1 & #2 WRs. So, Turner will be a good rotational piece in the beginning. Once the veteran slot CB retires, Turner can step in on a full-time basis.

Pick #61


CHI- Trade Pick to JAC

JAC- Select TE Brenton Strange

The Jaguars acquired TE Brenton Strange, who will be able to act as a security blanket for QB Trevor Lawrence in chaotic situations. Brenton will also be able to play the role of an extra offensive lineman to protect the QB when the defense is blitzing. He will also be able to play 2 TE sets with Evan Engram to muster more offense, which will make it even more challenging for requisite defenses.

Pick #62

HOU- C Juice Scruggs

The Philadelphia Eagles traded the pick to the Houston Texans to draft C Juice Scruggs. The Houston Texans drafted their QB of the future in CJ Stroud in the 1st rd. The next step is to build an offensive line around his skillset. They start with the C. Although Juice Scruggs has mediocre physical tools, his intelligence is what will carry him through his career in the NFL. The NFL is more mental than physical.

Pick #63

DEN- WR- Marvin Mims Jr.

The Denver Broncos acquired the receiver in a trade, who has the ability to be used in a variety of ways. He will be a formidable downfield threat for QB Russell Wilson. He also has the potential to be a high-end special team's player, not only in the AFC, but in the entirety of the NFL. He will end up helping the Denver Broncos win more games & get into the playoffs. Once they reach the playoffs, anything can happen.

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