NBA Draft- Lottery

NBA Draft Lottery


1. SA- PF/C- Victor Wembanyama


This is the OBVIOUS #1 pick. It is a NO BRAINER!! He is a player who has the ability to alter the fortune of a franchise for the foreseeable future. His skillset is so UNIQUE that other teams are not going to like dealing with him. Teams are going to have to figure out other ways to neutralize him. That will take some time of Wembanyama being in the league.


2. CHA- SG/SF Brandon Miller


The Hornets should draft Brandon Miller for his versatile scoring ability. He can score off screens. He can score off the bounce. He can shoot the three. He can score at the rim. He can accumulate points in every which way possible. There is always the need for improvement on the defensive end. That will come with experience and growth.


3. POR- F Ausar Thompson


Damian Lillard is a player who was set on playing his career in Portland when drafted. If true, the Blazers should draft F Ausar Thompson. This will allow the team to have a solid option in the paint on the offensive end. This will also give the team the ability to have a physical presence to deal with the tougher bigs of today's NBA.


4. HOU- PG Scoot Henderson


Scoot Henderson would a perfect replacement to take over for James Harden in H-town. He would be able to score when necessary, as well as facilitate when needed. He is an ultra aggressive player who knows when to score, & when to pass. Unfortunately, his body cannot keep up with his play style. Otherwise, SA would really be contemplating drafting Henderson over Wembanyama.


5. DET- SF Cam Whitmore


Whitmore's physicality embodies the city of Detroit. He will fit in as a sidekick to Cade Cunningham. There is NO WAY he is going to be intimidated by the intensity of the NBA. You cannot punk Cam Whitmore. He is too strong & too skilled.


6. ORL- G Amen Thompson


Amen Thompson is a floor general. He exceeds at getting his teammates organized on the offensive end. He has the ability to dissect the defense & get his teammates into the correct play. He has the ability to create favorable matchups for his team. They had acquired Markelle Fultz, but he has proven to be too injury-prone, which has hindered his ability to produce & contribute on the offensive end throughout his NBA career. Cole Anthony is more of a scoring PG. Because Thompson has the ability to know when to pass & score, & he can do both efficiently, he has a chance to balance the scale.


7. IND- G Cason Wallace


The Pacers are in desperate need of guard play. Wallace will make Luka's job as a facilitator considerably easier. 

His defensive abilities will also translate to Ws for the Pacers. He will be able to work on his defense & scoring during the regular season. If he betters himself at a high clip, their chances at reaching the dance will skyrocket.


8. WAS- G Anthony Black


The Washington Wizards should select G Anthony Black to replace their franchise star in G Bradley Beal, who is currently contemplating his future in Washington. Black has the optimal skillset to play PG & SG, when necessary. He is an effective passer & finisher off the dribble. But because of his inefficient 3pt shooting, that part of his game does not get highlighted. Black can play shut-down defense on positions 1-3. Due to this needed quality, Coach Unseld Jr. will have no choice but to increase Black's playing time.


9. UTA- G Keyonte George


The Utah Jazz are overflowing with PGs, but are in serious need of some scoring. He has the range to shoot from the parking lot, which will assist the Jazz in winning more games. He must improve on finishing at the basket, but that will come with experience at the next level.


10. DAL- F Jarace Walker


Everything in Dallas revolves around satisfying PG Luka Doncic. Drafting a player in Jarace Walker will give Dallas more of an inside presence. This will assist them in getting further in the playoffs. He will take some of the pressure off of Luka Doncic on the offensive end.


11. ORL (From CHI) - G Jordan Hawkins


This player would really add some much needed firepower to a team on the rise like the Magic. They have the bigs to protect the paint. They have a decent point guard, who can keep the team afloat. They lack a reliable #1 scorer. That is where Jordan Hawkins comes in. Although, he needs to improve on the defensive end of the floor, he can help the team win more games by scoring more points, & being potent offensively.


12. OKC- C Dereck Lively


Lively is someone who will be able to contribute by protecting the rim on the defensive end with his lengthy wingspan. He can shoot at a clip just above 70%, which is a trait that centers of the Thunder roster lack. He can also buffer the defense of the team with his long strides, which allows him to defend multiple positions, & close out on shooters. This is something that the Thunder could use to take the next step on their way to eventually winning a championship.


13. TOR- SF Dariq Whitehead


Whitehead is a player who can act as a combo facilitator & scorer on the offensive end. His strength will allow him to be a versatile defender when necessary. But, his primary defensive responsibility will be defending the 1-3. That will play to his strengths. If he gets matched up with 4s & 5s, he will end up getting abused.


14. NO- G/F Gradey Dick


The Magic do not have a reliable 2 on their roster. Drafting Gradey Dick would change that. He has a compact release. He has the NBA range to make shots from absolutely anywhere. That will definitely come in handy to the Magic. He can be the main scorer in that offense because of that ability.





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