Dr. James Krause

Dr. Krause brings 40 years experience in the sports industry to Let’s Be Frank.  His lengthy resume includes coaching, administration, recruiting, advising and developing programs and athletes at multiple levels.  His consulting companies, Title IX Consultant Services  and Winning Sports Programs, enjoyed clients around the world.  He has also completed 20 seasons working with the NABC and the NCAA at the site of the Final Four.

For the past seventeen years Dr. Jim has been preparing students and clients for professional opportunities with Sports Management Worldwide.  His courses include Sports Administration and Coaching at the Next Level, as part of the SMWW core certificate program. It was in one of these classes where he took an interest in the career of Frank Kineavy and the idea of Let’s Be Frank really blossomed. In his new role as CFO, Dr. Krause will be charged with recruiting and placing a team of professionals with disabilities and those who have served our nation in the sports industry.

One experience that has prepped Dr. Krause for this new role has been the Presidency of the Ultimate Indoor Football League.  The UIFL was a development league for players, coaches, front office personnel and scouts with franchises from the northeast to southern Florida.  This was a unique challenge as the leadership of the league required goals and objectives as a whole, but for each individual franchise as well.  “Constantly rebuilding and retooling is an exhausting task.  Building a strong foundation on basic business principles supports the development of the franchise.  I always tell my students, and I will repeat this to the owners and coaches in the UIFL; “I will supply the knowledge base and some expertise, but you must supply the work-ethic and the passion for any goals to be realized.”

Dr. Krause has experience coaching at multiple levels and many different sports.  His basketball experience spans middle school through NCAA Division I, but he has also coached college football, golf, baseball and softball and resume stops also include high school basketball, soccer and softball.  His years as an athletic administrator at multiple levels, has created this mental framework that he believes makes sports a manageable and profitable enterprise.

Dr. Krause is a graduate of Ithaca College and Elmira College in the Northeast and is also the author of Guardians of the Game – A Legacy of Leadership and a co-author of Hoops Heaven commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.  His third and final book was the memoir of Hall of Fame Coach Ted Owens and is called “At The Hang-up”.