All Star - $50/year Let's Be Frank

All Star - $50/year

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  1. Candidate submits resume and fills out survey with interests, pays
  2. Resume is added to database and highlighted, automated email “thanks, we will set up a meeting soon”
  3. LBF looks at resume, send personalized reach out to set up meeting
    1. During meeting, LBF determines interests, suggests areas of improvement
    2. LBF edits resume
    3. LinkedIn Profile
  4. LBF scores improved resume according to rubric
    1. Experience level
    2. Resume quality
    3. Keywords (job type/interest/sport)
  5. Send candidate weekly job openings based on experience level
  6. LBF actively search’s database to fill each role
  7. If there is a potential match
    1. LBF sets up another call
    2. Tailor resume
    3. Help with cover letter, provide template
    4. Mock interview with knowledge of hiring company
  8. LBF helps coordinate job interview, facilitates any necessary accommodations
  9. If declined,
    1. Company notifies LBF + candidate
    2. LBF follows up with candidate
  10. If hired,
    1. LBF helps coordinate accessibility prior to start
    2. LBF maintains contact, develops relationship and helps client succeed
  11. Ongoing relationship
    1. Reach out every 6 months, offer meeting
    2. 5-year plan/career counseling,
    3. community events with other all-stars + placed candidates
    4. Match with mentors if possible